Delivery settings are an important element of the ordering system. Of course, you can keep the simplest form and not configure it at all. However, if you want to have a comprehensive system, take a moment to configure these settings.

You have three types of delivery to choose from:

  • No delivery costs
  • One price for each order
  • Different delivery prices

One price for each order:

  1. If you choose this option, the situation is very simple. The price of transportation will be added to each order; this price will always be the same for every order regardless of the location in your city.
  2. You can also set free delivery for orders of the right value. Just enter the total value of the order here. Once this value is reached, the delivery cost will not be charged.


Different delivery prices:


If you deliver to different locations in your city or even to different cities, this is the solution we suggest to you. Then you can play with postal codes and assign different delivery costs for different locations.


If you choose this option, the system will not allow a customer to place an order for postal codes not entered in the system, unless you activate the delivery option for other locations (options B and C).

  1. Here you add new postal codes and enter a delivery price for them. You can also choose whether there is a possibility of delivery for free after reaching an appropriate order value for specific locations. You can use it to offer free delivery in locations closest to your restaurant to build local loyalty.
  2. You can also activate one price for all other zip codes. If it's not on the list above.
  3. You can also define terms for free delivery.


If you choose option C but you do not choose option B, the system will only deliver to added zip codes.