Products - quantity and availability

This section is used to define whether a given product is to be sold in a limited or unlimited amount. It is a kind of warehouse that controls how a given product is sold.

In order to configure quantity and availability:

1) Add new or edit an existing product

2) Go to the quantity and availability tab and choose the needed option from the list


Stock status determines how we offer the product. “Unlimited" means that we have an unlimited number of these products.


The indicated stock level in this case set to 1,000, means that the system will allow customers to order only 1,000 items of a specific product jointly by all shop customers.


If you have exceeded the limit of orders in stock and want to sell more, you need to add more products in total. So if you sold 1,000 and want to sell 500 more, you set the limit to 1500.


Minimum order quantity - This is how many products the customer can order at a minimum. Of course, the most natural number is 1. However, you can use this option to create smart promotions. For example, you sell a T-shirt for 12.99 but only if someone buys three of them. Then you can set this value to three for the purpose of the created promotion.


Maximum order quantity - This value determines how many items of a specific product a customer can order in one order. In the following case, the customer will not be able to add more than 444 products of this type to the cart.